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Railway interiors 2014 showcase

Jeudi 28 août 2014


Quand « Railway Interior International »  parle des tramways dans son « Showcase 2014 »  c’est Tours qui est mis en avant !

A lire, … et à voir !

Trams are a highly visible expression of a city’s brand, and often have to be extremely multifunctional – serving the city’s residents and vacationers alike.

French connection

The silvery tram that glides through Tours in France is the result of an integrated approach to transport design, the urban landscape and the city’s brand identity. The entire project was entrusted tu Tours-based RCP design concept, a design company has specializes in transport design.
The tram design was considered alongside that of the stations, the maintenance center, bridges, artworks, parking lots and the land 500m either side of the line (an area of 15km2)